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  • Winter Plumbing Tips Avoid These Costly Plumbing Mistakes

    Winter Plumbing Tips

    As the winter is approaching, you need to make sure that you’re doing as much as you can to protect your plumbing and water pipes within your home. 

    They could freeze and they could burst and cause a flood, so it’s essential that you know what you’re doing. 

    I have listed below some simple winter plumbing tips to learn more about how to avoid these costly plumbing mistakes during the winter months.

    Make sure that any exposed pipes are fully insulated enough, the more the better.

    They either need to be buried, or they need to have pipe lagging that is made for ther size. 

    It’s easy to do, just pop down to your local plumbing shop and they will be able to supply you with the right size. 

    It’s very important that you keep your pipes nice and insulated so that they do not freeze when the temperatures drop low enough.

    Be sure that you know where to turn off the water in case of emergency’s

    The stopcocks or lever valves, whichever you have need to be routinely checked and necessary maintenance needs to be performed. 

    You just need to spray them with a little WD40 and make sure they open and close. 

    If they are not working then they should be replaced as soon as possible. 

    Many people do not pay much attention to their shut-off valves, but you must know where these are just in case something happens and to keep them working fine.

    When the temperatures are below freezing, it’s actually better to leave your home heating on all the time, if you go out just turn the temperature down a little, but not off. 

    This should help stop any the pipes from freezing. 

    This is one of the best methods for lowering your chances of the pipes being able to freeze.

    When you open your cabinets up underneath any sinks, this will let the warm air inside your home circulate around the pipes there. 

    This can also help eliminate concerns about your pipes. 

    You need to be doing everything you can, and every little bit counts.

    Be sure that you isolate the water supply to the garden hose;

    This is normally where the pipe goes through the wall, take away any garden hoses and put them away. 

    It’s very important that you disconnect them and put them into the shed or garage for storage and protection, otherwise they could split with the ice and you will need to buy a new one come spring time. 

    You then need to protect the tap with some form of cover. 

    It’s very important that these taps are protected and left in the opened position

    Be sure that you check any pipes that are exposed often. 

    It’s very important because you need to make sure that they are doing fine with the precautions you’ve taken. 

    Plus, this allows you to make any modifications to your plan if caught early enough. 

    Every climate is different, so you have to adjust your standards according to the climate you live in.

    Make sure you consider the use of all of your appliances.

    Some of them use water; as a matter of fact, from flushing the toilet to washing clothes to taking a shower to running any taps, you probably use a lot more water than you think. 

    Therefore, be sure that you are considering the use of these appliances during all of the temperature changes. 

    You will be doing yourself a huge favor, as it is a big part of your plan.

    Making sure your pipes are okay during the winter takes a little preparation, but it is not difficult.

    Take the advice you have just read in this article with you as you start preparing your pipes for the winter. 

    When everything is in working order, you will be glad that you took some advise to protect your plumbing from freezing.

    These are just a few tips to help you protect your plumbing from freezing and causing you a big headache. 

    If you are unsure on how to protect your plumbing, then call in your local plumbing company, I am sure they will be only to happy to help.

    Winter Plumbing Tips