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    Boilers Why It’s Important to Have A Regular Boiler Service
  •  Boiler service

    The boiler service is a very important task that seems to get overlooked until something happens and you find yourself with no hot water or heating.

    It’s a known fact throughout the boiler industry that around 75% of homeowners will never have a boiler service until the boiler decides to stop working.

    So why is this?

    Many homeowners don’t seem to have the time these days because of their busy lives,

    Coupled with the fact they think the boiler has a warranty, so should it break down it will be repaired under the warranty.

    Even boiler insurance companies will void their cover if you cannot provide proof that the boiler has been serviced.

    Most boiler manufacturers now offer long warranties on their boiler range,

    some even up to ten years.

    To keep the warranty valid a boiler service must be carried out every 12 months without fail.

    If you don’t bother with the boiler service you will find the warranty becomes void.

    Most boiler manufacturers know that around 75% plus of homeowners will never service the boiler,

    because of this, it pays the boiler manufacturers to offer long warranties to gain the customer’s confidence in their boilers.

    When a boiler breaks down the Boilermakers will attend the site

    The first thing they will ask for is the boiler service record book.

    If you cannot show a service record they will charge you to repair the boiler.

    This can be very expensive.

    Every new boiler is supplied with a book call benchmark,

    within this book is a section to record every boiler service.

    Each service has to be carried out by a Gas Safe Registered Service Engineer.

    He needs to enter his gas safe number, the date of the service and most important of all, he has to sign it.

    Joe blogs from down the road cannot carry out the boiler service for you

    because he is cheaper than a registered boiler engineer,

    he may have worked in the boiler industry before,

    but unless he is gas safe registered he cannot touch the boiler if he does then the warranty is void.

    The most common boilers these days are high efficiency condensing boilers and regular checks are a must.

    The condense these boilers produce is acidic,

    should the condense leak within the boiler it could cause big problems so it’s important to have a regular boiler service.

    Part of service is safety

    Checking that the flue is removing the products of combustion properly and that any seals on the flue are not showing any signs of leakage.

    These boilers are highly tuned when they are manufactured to give you the customers the best efficiency rating possible.

    The boiler service is all about ensuring that the boiler is safe to use, as well as making sure it is working to its full potential.

    An un-serviced boiler will eventually cost you more money to run than a boiler that has been serviced each year.