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    Gas Safe What To Do If You Have A Gas Leak
  • Gas Leak

    Having a gas leak within your home and not doing anything about it seems to be a common thing these days.

    The thing I cannot understand is why people put up with it, it could turn out to be a major disaster if left.

    I have worked in many people’s homes over the years carrying out various different jobs, but if it a gas job then a gas tightness test needs to be carried out.

    On arrival to some jobs as soon as the front door is opened I can sometimes smell gas, on asking the customer if they could smell gas too

    I get so many strange answers like I have dogs or cats and it’s them, or another one being I know I have a small gas leak so I keep a window open a little.

    A gas leak is a gas leak an nothing else,

    big or small a gas leak could lead to the house being blown up even the loss of life, so why do people not get the problem fixed?

    I think people still don’t understand how dangerous gas can be,

    Ok, the days of putting your head in the oven to end it all is over, as today’s gas will not kill you as the old town gas could.

    But it can blow you apart and property as well.

    If you think you may have a gas leak then get it fixed. I find a lot of gas leaks around the hob in the kitchen or the old gas fire in the living area.

    When I ask who fitted these appliances I am normally told that they fitted then themselves.

    When asked why they did not employ a Gas Safe registered installer to carry out the installation, the answer is normally, well it was only a couple of small nuts to screw up and why pay someone when I can do it myself.

    Once I explain the procedure that has to be carried out, most then start to understand they should have employed someone to carry out this work.

    It may look easy to do, but when someone carries out the work that’s not gas safe, then safety goes out the window.

    These days all gas work has to be carried out by a Gas Safe Engineer, that’s the law, even a homeowner cannot install any gas appliance in their home.

    If you think you can smell gas in your home then the chances are you have a gas leak somewhere.

    The first thing to do is, go to the gas meter and turn the gas off by the lever normally to the left of the meter, next open the windows, do not use anything electrical, like lights TV, anything that uses power.

    Now call your local gas safe engineer,

    if you call the local gas supplier they will come and cap off the gas meter and advise you to call a gas safe engineer to carry out a repair.

    My advice is you should have your gas supply within your property check each year,

    A gas check is called a Tightness test, this tells if you have a gas leak or not.

    All gas appliances should be checked regularly and serviced.

    If you are a landlord then you will know that the law states you must have this carried out each year.

    If you don’t then you can be prosecuted.

    At the moment there is a debate about whether to make this law to everyone and not just landlords. 

    I think it will come eventually.

    Just remember a gas leak big or small it does not matter, it needs to be made safe and repaired.

    Another thing, think of the money you are wasting. If you would like some more information re Gas Leak then enter your details in the form below. Stay Safe……….