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  • The Vaillant Open Vent Boilers

    Vaillant open vent boilers have designed for the older

    central heating systems that cannot be pressurised.

    Known as heating only boilers.

    They can be fitted to a system with a hot water storage cylinder.

    They are ideal for most types of properties.

    Vaillant open vent boilers come in many sizes to suit the home,

    the smallest starting at 15KW right up to 38KW. They are small and compact.

    If you need more heat then they can be

    linked together to give even more heat output.

    The Vaillant open vent boilers are of the condensing type and offer very high-efficiency to the end-user.

    They are easy to install if replacing in the same position as the old boiler.

    The only difference in replacing an old boiler is you now

    have a condensing pipe fitted to the boiler.

    The average cost of fitting Vaillant open vent boilers is around £1900 for the

    smaller model up to around £2800 for the largest model.

    This all depends on what upgrades are needed in the heating system.

    When a new boiler is fitted, the system has to be upgraded to

    current Gas Safe and Building regulation.

    Like any boiler fitted today in the United Kingdom,

    Vaillant open vent boilers have to conform to current regulations.

    The system has to be flushed out and cleaned so the new boilers work to its full performance.

    A system that has not been cleaned will work, but not 100% and the lifespan of the new boiler will be cut short.

    The Vaillant open vent boilers are guaranteed for 7 years if installed by a

    Vaillant advance engineer from the date of installation,

    part of the guarantee is that the boiler is serviced by a

    gas safe engineer every year.

    Each boiler comes with a legal document which is called a benchmark,

    once the installation is complete, the installer has to carry out commission checks.

    The benchmark book is filled in signed and dated. This has to be carried out by the installer,

    otherwise, should you need to make a claim under the guarantee,

    you may find the makers refuse to repair your new boiler.

    The boiler is a very important part of the home,

    it supplies hot water throughout the home and in the winter time give us the

    heating to keep us warm, and yet for some reason a

    high percentage of us never have the boiler serviced or checked over.

    Only when the hot water or heating stops working

    do we call someone in. Sometimes it’s too late to have the boiler repaired and a new

    boiler is required to get the hot water and heating back online.

    Vaillant open vent boilers have been around a very long time,

    Vaillant was the pioneer of the combination boiler that is installed in many homes today.

    With Vaillant, you know you are getting a good quality and well-designed boiler, that has been built to last a long time.

    Vaillant open vent boilers are one of the best boilers around today,

    so if your old boiler is starting to give

    problems and you have been advised you may need a new boiler soon,

    then it’s worth considering having a new

    Vaillant boiler fitted.

    Cost wise Vaillant boilers are not the cheapest boilers to buy,

    but as the saying goes, you only get what you pay for.

    If you want a good quality boiler that will last you a long time if looked after.

    Then a Vaillant boiler is the one to choose.

    To find out more about Vaillant open vent boilers, just enter

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