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    Boilers Summer Boiler Service
  • Now is the time arrange your boiler service. Be ready for the heating season.

    Every year when the weather turns warm, we tend to forget about the boiler that supplies the hot water and heating when needed.

    The summer boiler service is the best time of the year to have that little piece of magic checked over.

    This ensures, it’s safe to use and in full working order.

    Most tend to take for granted that because the boiler works, it’s safe.

    This is not true, it could be working and leaking carbon monoxide without you knowing it.

    The reason we say the summer boiler service is, it’s the best time of the year to have it checked out.

    When the heating season kicks in, there is nothing worse than a boiler that is not functioning properly or not working.

    Heating season is the busiest time of the year for the boiler engineers.

    How many times have you tried to arrange an appointment to service the boiler.

    Only to find out they are fully booked for weeks .

    Boilers needs servicing these days, they are not like the older boilers that lasted for ever.

    These high efficiency boilers have so many internal parts now. That without an annual check, could cost you a small fortune should they stop working.

    A little bit about what’s involved in a service.

    Safety is the main prioity, ensuring that flue pipe has no obstructions. As well checking for any damage or leakage.

    These boilers produce condense, which is acidic. An internal condense leak could become a danger without you knowing it.

    The rest is about checking everything is working as it should.

    Arrange yours today, LPG and natural gas boilers all serviced and repaired.