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  • Plumbing Tips For Todays Woman

    Plumbing Tips For Todays Modern Women

    If you have recently bought your own home, or never had to cope with plumbing problems before, the prospect can be dismaying.

    Serious plumbing problems should be left to the professionals, but many minor fixes and the complete novice can do maintenance chores with a little instruction. 

    Fortunately, today there are many helpful videos on the Internet that show you how to do simple plumbing tasks. 

    Plumbing Tips For Todays Modern Women.

    You may need to purchase a couple of wrenches and other tools as needed, but you do not need an expensive set of tools such as the professional plumber has. 

    Here are some tips to help a novice plumber get started.

    Try to acquire a set of plans for your house that shows the layout of pipes and plumbing. 

    This will orient you to the overall picture of what you are dealing with. 

    Find out where the water shut-off valve (stopcock) is for the whole house. 

    Also look under the sinks and toilet to see if they have individual shut-off valves. 

    If they do not, one of your first tasks should be to install them, for they will make it much easier for you to take care of future when they arise. 

    The shut-off valve can be purchased for about £4.00-£10.00 at your local hardware store. 

    Ask the store sellers help in getting the correct one for your pipes. It will come with directions and is pretty easy to install.

    Check to see if any of your drains are running slowly. 

    Do they gurgle and does the water go down slowly? 

    Get a good drain cleaner, and read the label to make sure it is safe for the kind of pipes you have. 

    Use it periodically to keep pipes clear and avoid clogs entirely.

    Also, use common sense about what you put down the drains. 

    If it will not go easily through a sieve, it should not be put down the drain. 

    Take food particles out of the drain strainer and put them in the garbage. 

    Wipe grease out of pots and pans before washing. 

    After washing dishes, pour the hot, soapy water down the drain to help keep it clear.

    Plumbing chores need to be done right. This is not a task to take shortcuts on.

    Another plumbing task you can do is to drain your hot water heater once a year. 

    This keeps sediment from building up in the bottom of the tank. 

    The calcium carbonate, iron or other sediment in you water supply accumulates and makes the appliance work less effectively. 

    Plumbing Tips For Todays Modern Women

    Too much sediment buildup can even necessitate buying a new hot water heater. 

    To drain the tank, place a hose on the connection at the bottom of the tank. 

    Beforehand, get specific instructions for your type of tank from an Internet video. 

    The job will involve turning the water supply on and off.

    You will need a plumber’s wrench and a crescent wrench, pliers, screwdrivers, and possibly a few other tools. 

    But they will more than pay for they if you do some simple plumbing tasks yourself instead of hiring a professional.

    Plumbing tasks can be messy and dirty, but again, saving a lot of money rewards you. 

    Figure that you are paying yourself £80.00 an hour the cost of a local plumber.

    If you are a novice at plumbing, take heart. 

    It is not as difficult as you may think. 

    Start with a few simple tasks. 

    Once you have done them successfully, you will be on your way to saving money as a homeowner for years to come.

    Always remember to take your time and think about what you want to do, if you feel unsure about taking on your plumbing job, then don’t. 

    Water can be very dangerous. 

    The most important part of any plumbing is knowing the location of the stopcock and how easy it is to isolate the water.

    Plumbing Tips For Todays Modern Women