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  • No Hot Water But Why?

    To wake up in the morning and find you have no hot water coming out of the shower can be annoying,

    you are in a rush to get to work, so you have to have a cold shower instead. So why is the hot water not working?

    There are many reasons why you have no hot water,

    it could be your boiler has developed a fault, the heating element in the hot water cylinder has gone,

    even the power has tripped. So let’s take a look at why you have no hot water.

    First, you need to find out how your water is heated.

    If you have a combination boiler then your water is heated instantaneously, as soon as the shower or a tap is opened water flows through the boiler and is then heated, it then makes it’s the way to the taps.

    If your water is heated this way then you need to check that the boiler is working.

    You need to make sure the power to the boiler has not been switched off by accident, this is quite common,

    then it’s a simple fix, switch the power back on and you should now have hot water.

    If this is not the case then you need to investigate further.

    Now you need to make sure the boiler is set to the correct pressure.

    On the front of most combination boilers, there is a pressure gauge,

    you need to make sure the pressure is at least 0.8 Bar.

    If the pressure is below this setting then the boiler may have locked itself out.

    Reset the pressure to 1.2 bar and push the reset button.

    Other reasons for no hot water from a combination is a blockage within the hot water heat exchanger,

    the diverter valve may be faulty even the PCB, in this case, it’s now a job for your local gas safe boiler repair engineer.

    He will be able to carry out checks on your boiler to find out what parts need to be replaced.

    If you have stored hot water then it is heated either by a boiler or an immersion heater.

    Let’s start with the boiler first.

    Make sure the programmer for the hot water is switched on,

    another common problem, you may have had a power cut and when the power came back on the programmer did not reset.

    Make sure the thermostat on the hot water tank is set at the correct temperature, it is calling for heat.

    With stored hot water that is heated through the boiler, you should have motorised valves fitted.

    These sometimes develop faults, you need to make sure they are working.

    You can do this by switching the programmer on and off and seeing if the valves are moving.

    If you are unsure then again you need to call in your local gas safe registered engineer.

    If your hot water is heated by immersion heaters then again you need to check you have power going to the heaters.

    If you have a clocked fitted make sure the clock is switched on.

    With economy 7 you normally have two immersions fitted, one-half way up the tank the other at the bottom.

    The bottom one is heated overnight on the cheap power rate,

    The top one is the booster in case you run out of hot water throughout the day.

    Switch the top one on to see if the water is heating up.

    You will know in a short time if this one is working.

    If you still have no hot water then its time to call in your local plumber to find out what is wrong and why you have no hot water.

    By carrying out these simple checks on why you have no hot water you can save your time and money.

    If all else fails then you will need to call in the local gas safe plumber.

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