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    LPG Mobile Home Gas Safety Inspections
  • Mobile Home Gas Safety Inspections Check

    Now that the weather has started to turn for the better,

    many will be heading off on their weekends to their mobile homes to relax and enjoy the good weather.

    If like most, your mobile home would have been decommissioned over the winter period

    to protect it from freezing and causing damage to the water heater or boiler.

    The Mobile home gas safety inspections though seem to get overlooked,

    Just like home, your gas appliances should be checked over to make sure they are safe to use and working safely.

    So what could go wrong?

    One of the most common problems we come up against is a blocked flue,

    it could be from the fire, the water heater, even the boiler.

    With the heavy winds this winter many lost parts of the flue,

    it’s not something you normally look as most are located on the mobile home roof.

    Some of the flues get blocked up with leaves, falling from the trees.

    The appliance will work,

    but if the products of combustion are not being dispersed correctly,

    it could become a dangerous situation.


    Another big problem we see is that the ventilation grills get blocked off, they are there for a reason

    so the appliance can burn correctly if they are blocked off the appliance may become dangerous.


    Many say I don’t need a mobile home gas safety inspections

    the appliances don’t get used that much, not like they do at home.

    The truth is they still need to be checked over,

    more so because they are left for a period of time when the cold weather can cause a lot of damage.

    Homes are well insulated these days whereas a mobile home is not as efficient.

    Many parks now require a mobile home gas safety inspection to be carried out before the season starts

    and they want a copy of the inspection certificate for their own records.

    So what’s involved in the mobile home gas safety inspections?

    The first check is to make sure the gas bottles are secured and cannot fall over.

    Check that the gas bottle hoses are within the five-year date and replace if needed.

    Visually check all gas pipework underneath if possible.

    Carry out a gas tightness test, this will indicate if any form of a gas leak is present.

    Now we move on to the appliances.

    Water heaters

    Visually check over the flue pipe, making sure that the pipe is sealed and no holes are present,

    now we carry out a smoke test to prove the flue has no leaks.

    Turn the appliance on and check for a nice crisp flame picture,

    visually check over to make sure the appliance has no damage,

    but most importantly check that it has been fitted correctly and is working safely.

    Central Heating Boilers.

    Just like the water heater the boiler flue needs to be checked for any signs of damage or leakage.
    Visually check the boiler internally for any signs of damage or rust.

    Many suffer from rust and once the rust breaks through the boiler casing becomes dangerous.

    It could leak products of combustion, carbon monoxide, through the rust hole, so this is an important check.

    Check that the boiler is working as it should and safely, carry out a service if requested.

    Gas Fires

    Many mobile homes have a gas fire fitted in the living area and it’s very important that this is checked over for carbon monoxide leakage.

    The flue is normally boxed in and the boxing needs to be removed to check that the flue liner is secured and is in a good working condition.

    The flue terminal located on the mobile home roof is check for any signs of damage, this is the one that normally gets damaged.

    Carry out a smoke test to prove the flue is working and safe to use.

    Cookers and Hobs.

    Check that these appliances are fitted in the correct manner and are working safely.
    With the cookers check that the hose is in good condition and fitted as per gas regulations.

    Visually check that the appliances are in good condition and are safe to use.

    As you can see mobile home gas safety inspections are vital