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  • Would You Like A MagnaClean Filter Fitted To Save You Money?

    Have you asked your gas Installer about fitting a MagnaClean filter?

    MagnaClean is the UK’s best-selling magnetic filter brand with over 2 million in use in British homes.

    What does this mean?

    The MagnaClean filter draws black iron oxide (Fe3 O4) from

    your central heating system using a patented magnetic device.

    Even a small build-up of iron oxide sludge can impact central heating performance and result in:

    A noisy boiler

    Radiator cold spots

    Low heat levels – always needing to

    turn up the thermostat

    Leaking valves

    Higher than necessary

    energy bills

    Wasted energy

    Central heating system maintenance call-outs and costs

    Central heating system part failure and breakdown.

    Fitting A magnetic filter can save you 6% on your

    energy bills, cut your carbon dioxide emissions and improve the

    lifespan of your boiler.

    The Magnaclean filter has been designed to save you money, but most of your boiler.

    To protect your boiler now, speak to your local Gas Safe plumber

    or heating engineer, or for more information ADEY