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    If you own a mobile home, then you will know gas safety is very important. 

    When was the last time you had a mobile home gas safety inspection?

    It seems that not all mobile home owners take gas safety seriously, the reasons seem to be because the mobile home is not used very often.

    Just because the mobile is only used for a few months of the year, it does not mean that it does not need checking.

    All gas appliances, LPG or Natural gas should be checked at least once a year for safety

    Irrespective of the amount of use the appliances may have had.

    Just like a car needs service at least once a year, gas appliances are no different.

    In fact, the less the appliances may have been used the more it is important to have them checked.

    Mobile home gas safety inspections are now requested by many of the residential parks around the country.

    They want to make sure that all mobile homes on their site are safe, and not a danger to other mobile home users.

    It’s also part of their park insurance liability.

    What does a mobile home gas safety inspection involve?

    The first part of the inspection is to ensure there are no gas leaks present. This is called a gas tightness test.

    The test involves connecting a manometer to the supply via a test point, which is normally located around the changeover valve or isolation valve.

    The test involves taking a reading over a 3 minute period, if the readings are ok, then it proves the gas supply is safe.

    Now we move on to the appliances.

    Most mobile homes will have, either a water heater or a boiler that heats the water as and when you require it.

    The first check will be to ensure the flue that removes the products of combustion from the appliances is working and safe.

    Depending on the appliance, this could be by using a flue gas analyser, or a smoke test to prove the integrity of the flue.

    The burners of the appliance are cleaned and checked for a good crisp flame.

    If your mobile home has a gas fire installed, this will be taken apart and clean out.

    Over time they tend to collect a lot of fluff, especially if you have a pet.

    The flue is then checked to ensure it has no blockages.

    Sometimes leaves tend to collect on the roof of the mobile and block the flue.

    Once all clean, the fire is then tested with a smoke pellet to prove the flue is working.

    Any other gas appliances IE hob or a cooker are checked to ensure they are working correctly.

    Ventilation is another major safety check that needs to be carried out.

    Some appliances need fresh air to burn correctly, lack of air and they will burn a yellow blue colour and eventually could become dangerous.

    It’s very important that any air vents are kept clear and not blocked off.

    It’s advisable to install a smoke and carbon monoxide detector in the location of each appliance.

    Don’t buy the cheap ones, buy a branded make as these have been tested and proven.

    Who can do a Mobile home Gas Safety Inspection?

    Only a gas safe registered person can carry out the inspection, but they must be LPG registered.

    If they are registered for natural gas, they cannot work on LPG.

    The gas safe register can supply you with details of a registered engineer in your area.