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    LPG boilers come in many different shapes and sizes.

    Depending on your property type there should be one that is suitable for you.

    Most of the boiler manufactures in the United Kingdom produce an LPG version of there current models.

    So what is the best way to choose a new LPG boiler?

    The best advice I can give is to speak to your friends and neighbours who use LPG as an alternative to natural gas.

    Search on the internet for LPG Gas Boilers, look for reviews.

    Everybody has a different opinion on what make and model is best.

    We as a boiler installation company tend to install a lot of Vaillant LPG Gas Boiler, as well as the Baxi range.

    With Vaillant boilers, they are quality built and reliable. Easy to install and no different from the natural gas version.

    Most come with a long warranty, and should you ever need to make a warranty call, the back up service is very good.

    Baxi LPG models are also a decent boiler to install, easy for the installer and a little cheaper to buy.

    Another one of the manufactories that produce, LPG Gas Boilers is Worcester Bosch.

    They have a large range to choose from, but can be a little on the expensive side.

    There back up service should you need it is good, but not as good as Vaillant?

    If you speak to your local LPG Gas Boiler installer, you may find he has a totally different opinion on what are the best LPG Gas Boiler.

    Don’t forget though, whatever make and model of LPG boiler you choose. Check the installer in registered to work on LPG appliances.

    The installer may only registered to work on Natural gas, which means he cannot work with LPG, so it’s very important to check.