• LPG Boiler

  • LPG Boilers From Baxi 628 LPG Model

    LPG boiler are no different than natural gas versions, they just use a different gas.

    Living in an area where no mains gas is connected to your property is not a problem if you want a gas central heating system.

    Most boiler manufacturers produce an LPG boiler, be it a combination, system or heat only boiler.

    There is one for your property.

    So what is LPG?

    LPG stands for liquid petroleum gas, it normally comes in bottles. You can have a storage tank installed in your property either above or below ground. The option is yours

    If the storage tank is not for you, then you can have the bottle option. To run a gas central heating system you would need 4 bottles.

    LPG boilers, just like natural gas boilers need to have an annual service carried out.

    The boiler service is all about safety, this ensure your boiler is not leaking carbon monoxide into the room it is installed in.

    It’s also about checking that everything inside the boiler is in good working order. A boiler that is not serviced will eventually breakdown.

    When a boiler breakdown it can be costly to repair.

    So, you are interested in having an LPG central heating system, how do you find someone who can carry out the work for you?

    First and foremost, the company or engineer must be registered with gas safe to work on LPG boilers.

    Go to the gas safe register, follow the simple questions and you will get the details of your closest LPG engineer.

    Every gas safe engineer carries a gas safe card, it’s a little like a driving licence.

    It has the details of all the appliance he can work on.

    It also states LPG and natural gas.

    Using someone who is not registered is against the law, and could lead to a very heavy penalty for both you and the engineer.

    You may also find that your property insurance becomes void, due to using someone not gas registered.

    If you live in the Suffolk and Essex areas and are interested in having an LPG boiler installed, serviced or repaired, then get in touch to arrange a site inspection.