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  • Local Gas Safe Registered LPG Company

  • Finding a local gas safe registered LPG company is not as easy as it sounds.

    The gas safe register has all the information of every company registered to work on gas including LPG.

    There are many natural gas companies to choose from, but LPG is another story.

    So what is the difference between the two?

    To be registered for natural gas, every engineer has to take an exam every five years for each of the appliances they want to work on. The same goes for LPG.

    LPG engineers have to take two sets of exams, natural gas and LPG, which works out double the time involved.

    So what the difference between the two gases?

    Natural gas works at a pressure of 20 mb, whereas LPG works at 37mb.

    The appliances may all look the same but because of the difference in the pressure, there are different safety measures that have to be addressed.

    A local gas safe registered LPG company will be able to convert most natural gas appliances to work on LPG.

    When you start looking for someone to work on LPG, once that arrive ask to see the gas safe card.

    The is the engineers license to work on gas.

    Check the front of the card first, you will see a phone of the person who’s card it belongs too.

    Once you establish the card belongs to the person presenting it you, check the expiry date, which is at the bottom of the card.

    Now turn it over, you will see all the appliances that person can work. You will see two columns, one for natural gas (NG) and the other for LPG.

    Ensure that the appliances you want them to work on are on the card, as well as the type of gas.

    If anything seems unto walled, you should ask them to leave.

    It’s your duty as a gas user to ensure that anybody who works on your gas appliances is registered for the appliances in question.