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    Keston boilers are unique in that it is one of the only boilers that I

    know of that can be installed virtually anywhere within the property.

    This is down to the Keston Boiler special twin flue pipe system.

    The Keston boilers flue can be run up to 30 meters depending on what model you use.

    The flue itself is 50mm MuPVC, which is simple to install and is put together by glue or another name, solvent weld.

    No other boiler manufacturer that I know of comes

    close to the Keston fluing system.

    Over the years I have installed many Keston Boilers,

    and I must say they have got a lot better than they use to be.

    Whenever I was called out to service a Keston boiler,

    the first question I asked the customer was how old is your boiler and any problems.

    If they answered it’s about 4 years old or more then

    I knew it would be more than a service.

    Keston boilers only seem to last for around 4-5 years in the past.

    One of the biggest problems I came across was the internal water pressure switch,

    it always seemed to have a minor leak, and if you touched it, it just fell apart.

    Keston boilers soon realized this and change it to a better quality version.

    The strange thing with Keston boilers was if you called them on the support line and explained the faults you found,

    they always said no, not our boilers, we have not had any other reports, it must be just a one-off.

    Something else I came across with Keston boilers

    was the heat exchanger started to leak on both the left and right-hand seals?

    This seemed to happen after about 2 years, or just as the warranty ended.

    To replace the seals you have to drain the boiler down and remove the heat exchanger.

    Tip make sure if you need to change the seals that you change both the left and right one and that you get them the right way round.

    I learnt the hard way; I changed the left hand one, only to return a few weeks later to change the right hand one.

    So my advice is change both.

    One other fault I came across with Keston boilers was that on some models, not all of them,

    the boiler casing at the back of the heat exchanger had a hole in, this was caused by the main burner,

    burning through the heat exchanger and burning the case.

    These boilers could not be repaired and as such, they were replaced.

    It seems now that Keston boilers are using better quality parts when building their boilers.

    Which is good, because when you speak to other installers they all have stories about Keston boilers.

    The good thing about Keston boilers is the fluing, and till another boiler, manufacture come up with a similar design,

    keston boilers will be the market leaders because of the flue design.

    As with any gas boiler or gas appliance always make sure you

    only use Gas Safe Registered engineers or company, it’s your life at risk.