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  • How to Change Your Hot Water Tank

  • Change Your Hot Water Tank

    If your hot water tank is leaking then most of the time you will need to replace it, you cannot really repair the hot water tank.

    Normally the cause of the leak is scale build up within the tank.

    The scale attacks the seams and anywhere there is a connection.

    The most common type of hot water tank is made of copper and the lifespan is around 30 years, if you have a water softener fitted then you should not have scale build-up, as the scale is normally caused in hard water areas.

    The first thing you need to do if you are going to change your hot water tank yourself is to find out first what type you have.

    if it’s connected to your boiler then you will need an indirect type,

    if it not connected to your boiler then you will need a direct one.

    To be honest, if you don’t heat your hot water through your boiler an indirect one will still do the same job, it’s just that it has 2 primary connections that connect to the boiler, but if you heat your water through your boiler direct one is no good.

    Now you have to find out the size of the hot water tank if you want to change like for like, also does it have a secondary connection.

     how many immersion does it have?

    Make a note of all the connections it has and the size then take yourself down to your local plumber’s merchants and explain to the salesperson what you are looking for,

    ask them for all the fitting that you will need to fit the new tank.

    They will be only too happy to help.

    Now you have your brand new hot water tank, you are now ready to start work.

    The first thing you need to do is to get the old hot water tank draining.

    You will need to locate the pipe that supplies the tank with water, once located look on the pipe for an isolation valve, once found close this valve. If you cannot find it check in the loft where your cold water tank is, it may be located there.

    Now connect a hose pipe to the drain down the connection and once you have the hose in a drain open the drain off and water should start to flow.

    While the hot water tank Is draining if your tank is connected to your boiler then you will need to start draining the boiler and radiators as well.

    Ok now the hot water tank is empty you can start to disconnect the pipework and any wires connected, once removed you are ready to fit your new tank.

    If you have bought the same make of tank then it is just a case of reconnecting all the pipes and any wires in the same place,

    if the connection is different then you will have to make changes to the pipework.

    Now you are ready to start refilling your new hot water tank, start by filling the tank itself and check for leakage,

    once full and with no leaks, you can start filling the boiler side if connected.

    You will need to vent all radiators to remove all the air, once complete you are now ready to start heating your water.

    To change a hot water tank is an easy job for a professional but for a do it yourself person it can be a little daunting,

    it may look easy but it never is. Just be sure to check all the connections for leakage.

    If you would like more information on how to change your hot water tank then just enter your name and contact details in the box below…..