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    News Getting Your Home Plumbing Maintenance Up to Date
  • Keep Your Home Plumbing Maintenance Up to Date

    Getting your home plumbing maintenance up to date is very important, 

    especially for the winter months of the year. 

    It could mean the difference in having to replace all of your pipes or not. 

    Replacing all of your pipes is pretty expensive, 

    but you can avoid that by being ahead of the game. Duval Heating 07833 224 738

    You should make sure that all the exposed pipes are insulated 

    with a slip-over pipe lagging to ensure that they don’t freeze and bust during the winter months.

    You should also replace any leaky fitting or pipes with new joints and pipe. 

    Over the years pipes can become brittle too, 

    so be prepared if your home is an older make to replace the pipes and 

    fittings as this plumbing job are all just part of your home maintenance that has to be done.

    Home plumbing maintenance is just part of the necessary tasks of owning a home. 

    Mobile homes and houses both require these repairs too.

    It is a good idea to change the plumbing and do the house maintenance when you are renovating our remoulding

     your home. 

    For the main reason is that if you are replacing walls, 

    panelling, flooring or counters, cabinets and etc. 

     will make it easier to get to the pipes that should be replaced during these home repairs.

     just makes sense to go ahead and do your home maintenance plumbing at the same time. 

    Yes, the cost of your project will go up,

    but it will save money from the things that you would have to redo if you wait until later to do your plumbing

    The cost of plumbing could run you anywhere from £1000 to £3000 for most jobs. 

    However, some more complex home maintenance plumbing could be up to £6000. 

    While still, some plumbing repairs could cost as little as £300 for a small home DIY job.

    The price of the plumbing parts are not where the cost comes

     in it is for the plumber and the fact that it takes so many small fittings to do the repairs with. 

    It is fairly easy to do plumbing if you follow a few golden rules. 

    Which I will be writing about in my next article.

    This does not mean that everyone should try to DIY, 

    but for most small jobs you should be able to do.it

    tends to be more difficult to fix old plumbing and the 

    best thing to do is to go ahead and replace your old copper or galvanized 

    pipes with new copper or CPVC and PVC plastic pipes and fittings.

    Home maintenance plumbing is not as difficult as you might think, 

    but it is very important! 

    Don’t forget to get your insulated pipe coverings though. 

    They are made out of a type of foam material and are worth the cost that they 

    save from keeping your pipes from freezing and busting.

    Don’t forget if you have any gas pipes that need to be repaired or 

    replaced you will need to engage a gas safe plumber to carry out this work. 

    Should you try to carry out this work yourself, 

    you will be breaking the law, and should something go wrong you may find your house

    insurance becomes void.

    I hope that this article has informed someone that 

    did not realize the importance of home maintenance 

    plumbing and will help someone save 

    some money and time that they would have other wise lost.

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