• Gas Leak

  • Don’t Let This Happen To You, All From A Gas Leak.

    Gas Leak, What should you do?

    The first thing you must do is isolate the gas at the source.

    This is normally at the gas meter.

    If you live in a flat and the gas meter is located in a gas cupboard somewhere within the building block, you need to access the cupboard to isolate the supply

    You may also have your own isolating valve within the flat.

    Should your property use LPG.

    You need to switch off at the gas bottles.

    If your gas is supplied from a storage tank, there will be an isolation valve where the gas pipe enters the property.

    Make sure the gas is switched off, this will stop any further gas leaking into the room.

    Do not use or operate anything electrical.

    This includes light switches and wall sockets.

    Open as many windows as possible to get a movement of air within the property.

    Now you should contact a gas safe registered company to come along to investigate and trace the source of the gas leak.

    If you use a mobile phone don’t use it within the property, go outside to make your call.

    A gas leak is a gas leak, no matter how big or small, it could become poetically dangerous to life and property.

    Safety is the first priority.

    We have been called out to many gas leaks before, only to find the leak has been prescent for some time.

    The occupier told us, I think it’s now time to get it fixed.

    Any form of leaking gas big or small, needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

    Never ever think the leak is ok to leave, it could be your last thought.

    To give you an idea of how a small leak could cause a catastrophic disaster..

    Check out the videos on the internet.

    You will see the damage a small leak could do.

    The main reason we have published this page is to educate people the dangers of gas.

    Yes, we all like to think that nothing will ever happen to us, but sometimes it does.

    Many European countries operate a system, where every 12 months, all properties have to be gas safety tested as well as the boiler serviced.

    Failure to have gas safety checks carried out, results in high penalties for the occupier.

    Remember, safety is the most important part, if you have children in the property and something happens to them because you decided to leave a gas leak.

    You would never forgive yourself.

    So, to sum it up, if you think you have a leak, be safe and isolate.