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    Boilers Fitting a MagnerClean
  • Tips On Fitting a MagnerClean

    Fitting a Magner clean to your central heating can save you money on your fuel bills and preserve the life of your boiler and radiators. This simple little piece of kit that is a must-have if you want your boiler to last.

    So what is a Magnerclean?

    A Magner clean is a very powerful magnet that collects all the metal particles that circulate around your central heating radiators and through your boiler.

    If your central heating system water is not treated with an inhibitor then after sometime you will start to get a build up of sludge.

    This is because within the heating system you have many different metals like steel, iron, copper and brass.because of this they react within the water and corrosion starts to happen.

    By fitting a Magnerclean to the system you will collect all the sludge that’s in the system, you still need to add an inhibitor, as if you don’t the Magnerclean will eventually get blocked with sludge.

    If you decide you are going to fit a Magnerclean to you’re a heating system there are a few things you need to do first.

    First, you need to flush your heating system out with a cleaning agent, this will remove most of the debris from the system.

    When you do this the water in the system has to be totally clean once flushed.

    When you have flushed the system out you are ready to fit the Magner clean.

    Fitting a Magnercleanis easy, you need to locate the return pipe on the boiler and fit the Magnerclean as close as possible to the boiler.

    When the water is returning to the boiler it passes through the Magnerclean, then into the boiler.

    Once fitted you can add the inhibitor.

    So how does it save you money?

    When your central heating is working if there are any restrictions like sludge then the boiler needs to work harder to heat up your home, also the heating pump has to work harder to push the heat around to the radiators.

    This all adds costs to your fuel bill. If the water in the system is clean it flows around the boiler and radiators with ease. You will find that everything will heat up a lot quicker.

    Next the boiler. If your system is not protected then the lifespan is cut nearly in half.

    The reason is the waterways within the heat exchanger in today’s modern boilers are so small that they get blocked, the boiler then starts to overheat then goes to lockout.

    The old style boilers had large waterways and we’re not so complicated.

    By fitting a Magnerclean to you’re the heating system you will also save on repair bills to the boiler. we have been to many boiler breakdowns where the boiler is less than 3 years old, only to find the heat exchanger is blocked and needs to be replaced.

    When you have the boiler serviced each year, the gas safe engineer will also clean out the Magnerclean, he will also check the water to make sure you still have enough inhibitor in the system and top up if needed.

    Fitting a Magnerclean and adding an inhibitor to your central heating system will make you’re their boiler last a lot longer.

    All boiler manufactures now state in their warranty that an inhibitor should be added to the system, should the boiler breakdown and you call them under your warranty, should they find the problem is caused by sludge then your warranty becomes void.

    If you would like to find out more about fitting a mangaclean to your central heating system then just enter your details in the box below…