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    Boilers Do You Know A Good Plumber?
  • Does Anyone Know A Good Plumber?

    How many times have you heard the conversation, or even been involved in one, 

    where a friend or acquaintance asks you if you know a good plumber

    builder, painter or decorator, anyone to do with fixing, repairing or replacing things in the home?

    Flicking through the Yellow Pages or a quick search on Google usually yields some results.

    However, with the dangers of cowboy tradespeople lurking, 

    heightened by programmes like Rogue Traders, it can add to your worries. 

    The best tradespeople are always the ones where someone recommends 

    them to you personally.

    Finding a good gas safe heating engineer can also be a challenge and they’re

    usually the type of people you need in a hurry and that you can rely on. 

    One of the best places to look is the gas safe register

    You just enter your postcode and you will give 3 local gas safe engineers close to you. 

    At least by the register you know they will be qualified to carry out your works.

    You can search for an installer that specialises in boilers or solar products and although 

    they are not directly employed by the gas safe, they should be able 
    to answer all your questions and give you a free,

    no obligation quote.

    It’s important to remember that wherever you find your installer, 

    they should be registered with the Gas Safe scheme

    (for gas boilers) or with MCS for micro-generation technologies.

    A good plumber is always hard to find,

    the good ones are always booked up, 

    but if you want a job done how it should be then you may have to wait for a little. 

    Don’t forget though you only get what you pay for if a job is too cheap,

    then you know 9 out of 10 times it’s not going to be a first class job.

    Our recommendation is to get at least three quotes from an

    approved installer before commissioning any work. 

    That way you’ll know that the price is fair, they are safe to install the products and 

    you’ll be safe too

    A good plumber or heating engineer will be only to 

    please to advise you whats best for your works. 

    Once you find your engineer and the works are complete, 

    keep his number safe, you never know when you may needs his services again.

    One last thing, 

    if you are having any form of gas works carried out, 

    IE boiler repair, service or anything that uses gas 

    don’t forget to ask the engineer for his gas safe card. 

    Check the front and the back. 

    The back of the card will tell you what he is entitled to work on. 

    Just because he shows you his card, that does not mean he can work on 

    all gas appliances

     always check the card.

    So do you know a good plumber?

    For more information or even a chat,

    just enter your details in the box below…