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  • The Coldwater storage tank

    The cold water storage tank stores water to supply the hot water cylinder and also the cold supply for the bathrooms.

    It is normally located in the loft area.

    On smaller properties, without a loft, it is normally located in a cupboard at a high level.

    The size of the cold water storage depends on the number of outlets.

    If the cold water pressure at the taps is not very good, this is because the water flows at natural gravity, the higher the cold water tank from the taps the better the pressure.

    These days many people now fit booster pumps to the hot and cold water supplies to boost the pressure, but this can be expensive, they are also noisy when running.

    Another option to increase hot and cold water pressure is to fit an unvented hot water cylinder and the cold water converted to the incoming mains supply.
    This will give you high pressure at the taps.

    The problem here though is if the incoming water pressure is not very good then you are back to square one with low pressure.

    If you convert to high pressure then there is no need for a cold water storage tank, it can be removed freeing up more storage space.

    If you have a cold water storage tank fitted then there are a few things you should know.

    They should have a lid fitted to stop debris falling into them because without a lid anything can fall in, even vermin, and if you brush your teeth and use the cold water in the bathroom, it’s not very nice and could be infectious.

    I once had a client who had skin complaint on his face, he went to many doctors to try and solve the problem that would not clear up.
    One doctor told him it may be the water.

    He then called us in to check all water supplies. On checking the cold water storage tank in the loft, we found 3 dead squirrels which had disintegrated within the tank.

    The tank was replaced and within a week our clients face complaint had cleared up.

    The cold water storage tank should also be protected from frost if located in the loft area, by fitting a jacket to it.

    Without a jacket and in freezing temperatures the tank could split.

    The more lagging fitted around the tank the better.

    Should you need to replace the cold water storage tank due to leakage then this is normally an easy job, but it all depends on the size of your loft hatch. Some tanks now are narrow and long and can be pushed up through the hatch quite easily.

    If you are going to change the tank yourself then the first thing you need to do is to isolate the incoming water supply, you should have a 
    the valve fitted to the supply pipe beside the tank,

    if not check the cupboard where the hot water cylinder is fitted,

    if not fitted there or you are not sure then isolate your mains stopcock downstairs.

    With the water supply isolated you now need to empty the tank itself, open all the taps in the bathroom and wait for them to stop running, once stopped you are now ready to remove the faulty tank. Undo all the connections on the pipes fitted to the tank and remove the tank.

    Now you are ready to fit the new cold water storage.

    Put the new tank into position and mark the holes where the pipes will enter the tank.

    Cut the holes and fit the pipes. Do not over tighten as this could cause a leak.

    Ok, all fitted you are now ready to refill the tank.

    Switch the water back on to the tank, make sure you close all the taps in the bathroom first.

    Once the tank is full check for any leakage, then open the taps in the bathroom and wait for the water to flow, once this is done and the water is flowing ok, you now need to fit the lid and jacket to the tank.

    If you would like to know more about fitting a cold water storage tank then just enter your details in the box below…