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    But What One?

    If you are looking to replace your combination boiler and funds are a little low.

    What options do you have?

    There are a few cheap combination boilers on the market, but what one do you choose?

    As gas safe registered installer, we install many boilers over the course of a year.

    When our customers ask us to keep the costs down because of the

    money bank is a little low, we tend to go for a

    boiler by the name of Heat-Line Capri plus.

    The main reason we use this make of boiler is that it is made by the same

    the company as the well known Vaillant Eco-tec.

    When you look inside this boiler it’s a like looking at an Eco-Tec Pro.

    Some of the other cheap combination boilers I would not even touch,

    because I know what would be in store for me in the next 12 months.

    I am not saying they are nothing but problems,

    but through experience over time I have learnt to stay away from them.

    Recently I was called to repair a combination boiler that was only

    5 months old, I won’t say they make, but it was one of the cheap combination boilers.

    The company that installed this boiler would not return as they had already been out

    4 times to repair this boiler and had enough, they

    advised the customer to contact the Boilermakers and for them to carry out the repair.

    The Boilermakers came out to check the boiler

    over and refused to carry out the repair because the boiler was located in a small cupboard and the

    guy was a little on the large size. He labelled the installation as not to current standards and the warranty was void.

    That’s how some of these cheap combination boilers makers work.

    Though they would never tell you that.

    We checked over the boiler and found the fault, it was all down to a faulty valve.

    The valve had been made this way and got past the quality control, and was fitted to this boiler.

    Now the valve was only small,

    it looked cheaply built, so I was so surprised at how much it was to replace.

    The valve was very similar to other valves we use that cost £4.50, but we had to use the proper one for this boiler.

    We had to order the valve in as no one stocks them due to the high costs,

    It cost us £68.76 for this little valve.

    We repaired the boiler and advised the customer to consider replacing again for a new one as they would be calling us back again very soon. This advice was ignored until 7 weeks later when the boiler breakdown again. This time the customer had told us that they were not going to use our company again because of the advice we gave them on our last visit, but after having 2 other companies look at the boiler and refuse to work on it, they decided to call us back.

    With any make of boiler you only get what you pay for, but what people forget is how the boiler is installed can make a big difference in how long the boiler will last. There are many things that need to be followed to make a boiler last.

    Now if you are in the market for cheap combination boilers then I would recommend the Heat-Line Capris Plus 24

    It’s Compact and light-weight, easy for installation

    The Heatline CaprizPlus high efficiency condensing combination boiler is available in 24kW and 28kW outputs and is fitted with a 24-hour easy-to-use analogue timer.

    Delivered with a 2-year manufacturer’s parts and labour warranty, the CaprizPlus meets current Part L Building Regulations 2010. Our lightweight easy-to-install boiler is an excellent choice for those requiring a no-nonsense, value for money combi solution.

    Factory fitted an analogue timer
    Large surface area composite heat exchanger to maximise heat transfer
    User-friendly controls – digital diagnostic display
    Low energy pump fitted as standard
    In-built frost protection
    DHW flow rate: 9.4l/m at ΔT35°C (24kW)
    DHW flow rate: 11.4 l/m at ΔT35°C (28kW)
    2-year parts and labour warranty
    SEDBUK 2009 rating of 90% (24kW) and 88.5% (28kW)
    The equivalent of SEDBUK 2005 A rating
    Heatline products contain Vaillant Group Quality approved components.

    If you are looking for cheap combination boilers then this is the one I would suggest you check out first.

    If you would like more information on cheap combination boilers then just enter your details in the box below….