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  • The Boiler Service MOT

    Having a boiler service MOT

    is an essential part of keeping your home warm and efficient,

    and yet many homeowners are failing to have their boiler

    serviced and checked over on regular basis.

    Boilers in the United Kingdom can go for many years without being checked over.

    In countries like Germany and the Netherlands, it is

    mandatory to have their boiler checked, serviced,

    it’s just like having an MOT on your car, but this time it’s the boiler.

    Boiler manufacturers now offer longer warranties on their boilers to give

    customers peace of mind and also as a sales tactic to sell more boilers.

    What the homeowners don’t realise is part of the warranty states that the

    boiler must be serviced at least once a year and recorded on the

    benchmark that comes with the boiler, failure to have the

    boiler serviced invalidates the warranty.

    When the boiler is installed the installer has to carry out a

    commissioning check and record the details in the

    benchmark book, this book has to stay with the boiler.

    The benchmark book is a legal document in the United Kingdom.

    When the boiler is serviced there are many things that

    have to be checked, one being the flue from the boiler,

    this is a very important part of the service, due to the

    fact that should the flue become faulty, carbon monoxide

    could leak into the room the boiler and flue are located.

    The combustion performance also has to be checked with a flue gas analyzer.

    To make sure the boiler is burning correctly,

    if this is not checked you could be burning more gas than needed and the

    boiler could become unsafe.

    When the boiler is serviced you have to follow the

    manufactories instructions, these boilers are so highly tuned to give maximum performance,

    that is left Un-serviced things start to go wrong.

    The fact is, it’s if the service if missed

    you could end up with costly repair bills

    to get the boiler up and running to full performance again.

    There is talk in the industry that the government is considering

    making boiler servicing mandatory, like some of the other EU countries.

    It’s still a long way off, but it could soon happen.

    Regular boiler servicing plays an essential role in preventing breakdowns and

    ensure you are getting the full performance out of your boiler.

    Those of you who are renting you

    homes need to be aware that it is a

    the legal requirement in the united kingdom to have all gas appliances checked every year without fail,

    this responsibility is the duty of the landlord or agent. Also if you are renting

    from family or friends, the requirement is the same.

    It does not matter how long the rental period is even 1 month, you still need to

    have all gas appliances check over and a certificate issued.

    The courts are handing out big fines to landlords

    who refuse to have these gas safety inspections.

    When you rent your home, you want to

    know that you are safe from gas leaks and from

    carbon monoxide poisoning, which is a silent killer.

    Having an annual boiler service ensures continuity of hot water and central heating.

    The strange thing is most homeowners wait for the boiler to

    breakdown before calling in a gas safe engineer.

    Let me explain how the phone call goes.

    We get a call from a customer asking if we can service their boiler,

    of course, we say yes, no problem, we ask them if there is any problem with the boiler, they

    normally hesitate a little then say, the boiler has stopped working and thought it needs a service.

    We then tell them that we will come out and repair the boiler first and then carry out a service. This could have been avoided in the

    first place, if only they had regular service.

    When the boiler is serviced everything is checked

    and if any part is not working to 100%, it’s either replaced or noted on the paperwork.

    Again a little like the car MOT, you get an advisory if something is wearing out,

    but at that moment it’s ok to use and passes the MOT. Your boiler is the same.

    If an, when you decide to sell your home, a good selling point

    is if you have a record of your boiler service history, again just like the car.

    A car with a full-service history will sell for a

    better price than a car with no history.

    The same goes for your boiler. If you are buying a new home you want to be sure the

    boiler is ok, you don’t want to be moving into your new home and having to

    spend out straight away on changing the boiler, it’s a big expense.

    If you are interested in having your boiler serviced,

    pop your details in the box below and request a callback,

    or even if you want some free advice. Don’t forget though, if you call

    someone into service your boiler make sure they are gas safe registered, they are

    highly trained engineers, not like joe blogs down the road who can do anything cheaper.