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  • Boiler Repair or Do I Replace it, That is the Question

    Boiler Repair or Do I Replace it,

    Like any household appliance, boilers can go wrong from time-to-time and it can be an expensive business getting a boiler repair.

    The instinctive reaction when your boiler stops working,

    when you have no hot water or central heating, and it’s freezing outside, is to

    get someone out to fix it, and quickly!

    But sometimes it’s actually more cost effective to stop and think through your options.

    If you have a standard efficiency boiler and it’s over 10 years old, changing to a

    modern high-efficiency condensing boiler might actually save you money in the long run,

    rather than to continually repair an older model.

    Boiler Repair or a new boiler

    The newer models can be up to 35% more efficient than the older ‘standard’ efficiency boilers,

    which could save you hundreds of pounds in heating bills over the course of the first year alone.

    The other thing to consider is that if you do have an old model and it breaks down again and again,

    you will have to pay someone to come out and repair it, again and again!

    With certain boilers, of all manufacture,

    spare parts for older models are also becoming harder to

    get hold of an expensive, meaning you might have to wait a few weeks until your boiler can be repaired.

    When you call in the local gas safe plumber to carry out a boiler repair on the old

    boiler, it may work for a month even a year or two,

    but it is still an old boiler.

    Rule of thumb is when your boiler decides to have a break and stops working,

    call in the repairman, ask his advice on what is the best thing to do.

    Most boiler repair engineers will tell you,

    repair once then should it decide to have another holiday to replace it. It all depends on how the boiler has been looked after over its life.

    The repair may be something simple to get the boiler working again, but if it needs parts, then you have to start thinking is this going to be a regular problem. If you have had the boiler serviced each year then your engineer would have advised you of what the condition of the boiler is and if anything shows signs of problems for the future.

    A new heating system or boiler sounds like a big cash outlet, and it can be, but in comparison to what you could spend on ongoing repairs, it might actually be cheaper. Plus, it is an opportunity to review the type of central heating system you have in your property and to perhaps make better use of space, by removing hot water cylinders if you install a combi instead of an old system boiler for instance.

    The final element to making a decision is the environment, as there is no doubt that climate change is a massive issue for everyone. Newer, high-efficiency models not only save you money but help with the environmental issues we face as a nation and the world at large.

    So do you have a boiler repair or bite the bullet and go for a new one?

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