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    Boilers Annual Gas Boiler Service
  • Why do I need an annual gas boiler service, I have a long warranty?

    Safety, Safety is one of the main reason why you should have a gas boiler service.

    Most gas boilersthese days are the high efficiency condensing boiler type.

    The condense they produce is acidic, it can burn through the seals of the flue pipe as well as the boiler casing.

    Should it burn through either of the above, it could leak carbon monoxide, and as we all know carbon monoxide is a killer.

    So what is involved in a gas boiler service?

    We start with a visual inspection first, looking for any sign of distress around the boiler casing.
    Now we ask the client if they have had any problems since the last service.

    Next, we carry out a gas tightness test at the gas meter to determine that the gas supplyis leak free and safe.

    Not every company will carry out the tightness test, but we like to ensure before we carry any workout, the gas supply is safe.

    Now we test the integrity of the flue pipe.

    All joints on the flue pipe are inspected to ensure there are no signs of leakage.

    Should your flue pipe be boxed in or running in a duct, you will have inspection panels fitted, so the joints can be checked over.

    We now fire the boiler up while we are setting up the flue gas analyser.

    A flue gas reading is taken first from the air intake section of the flue, this is to prove no products of combustion are leaking into the air section.

    Once the air intake is proved safe, we now take a reading from the inner section of the flue where the products of combustion are dispersed via the fan.

    The flue gas readings are then checked to ensure they are within the boiler manufacturers limits.

    Some boilers as they get older tend to need adjusting to bring them back into the safety limits.

    The front cover is then removed so we can now carry out an internal inspection of the boiler.

    All boiler manufacturers have a gas boiler service schedule for the engineer to follow.

    This is normally located within the boilerinstallation book.

    We then follow the boiler schedule instructions ensuring everything is within the maker’s limits.

    One item that seems to get missed out from the gas boiler service is the expansion vessel.

    This expansion vessel is a very important part of the boiler and needs checking regularly.

    The expansion vessel is like a sponge, it soaks up the water expansion when the boiler is working. Over time it will lose its pressure.

    You may have noticed water dripping from the discharge pipe on the outside wall.

    This normally means the expansion vessel has lost its charge and needs resetting or replacing.

    Now the gas boiler service has been completed another flue gas reading is taken.

    We take a reading on high gas, then on low gas, then print off the readings.
    If the benchmark book is available the readings are recorded in the book.

    Another gas tightness test is carried out, now that the service is complete, this ensure the gas supply is still safe.

    Now to the paperwork.

    The boiler benchmark book is then filled in, signed and dated.

    We also issue a gas boiler service certificate for the client.

    Now back to the beginning of this article regarding the long warranty.

    Any boiler that has a long warranty has to have an annual gas boiler service to keep the warranty valid.

    Should your boiler breakdown and you need to call in the makers under the warranty, you will need to prove the boiler has been serviced.

    The engineer will need to see the benchmark book or service certificates, without you will be charged.