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    Boilers Annual Boiler Service Yes Or No?
  • Annual Boiler Service is a Must

    An annual boiler service is essential if you want your boiler to work for many years.

    Only around 10% of people have a regular annual boiler service, this figure indicates that people think they are saving money when in reality they are wasting their money.

    One of the reasons why people tend not to have their boiler serviced I find is that they seem to think that because the boiler has a warranty, then they don’t need an annual boiler service. 

    With today’s modern boilers they need to be serviced more now than ever.

    When boilers were just a lump of cast iron, a burner and a thermostat there was not much to go wrong,

    sometimes the thermal coupling needed to be replaced because the pilot light would not stay on.

    So long as the flue ways were clear they worked forever.

    With today’s modern condensing boilers if you don’t have a regular service then you are asking for trouble, Why?

    First off, you should have your boiler service every 12 months, this involves checking many things internally.

    If you have a combi or system boiler, then the heating pump is fitted within the boiler, this need to be checked over to make sure it’s working 100%.

    You also have an expansion vessel within the boiler, again this needs to be checked and reset, for some reason this always seems to get overlooked.

    Most boilers today are condensing, the condense trap needs to be cleaned out regularly, again another item that gets overlooked.

    Over a period of time the condense trap fills up with a grey substance that is a byproduct and this needs to be cleaned out.

    Inside the boiler you have a fan, this blows the products of combustion out through the flue pipe, this also needs to be checked over.

    Your boiler has a PCB within, this controls everything to make the boiler work, it’s basically a computer within your boiler, it should be checked for signs of burning.

    If your boiler is an early Potterton suprima then the chances are you will know about the PCB problem they had.

    All boiler these days need to have their the combustion checked with a combustion analyser, this tells us how your boiler is performing, if the reading is incorrect then this has to be addressed.

    The gas supply needs to be checked that supplies the boiler, many boilers are under gassed, meaning they are not working how there were designed too. All the seals on the boiler need to be checked over to make sure they are not letting bye.

    The number one part of a boiler service is safety, making sure your boiler is safe, it a little like the annual MOT that we have for cars.

    Boilers need to be checked you will find that in the end, it will cost you a lot of money in repairs and sometimes even a replacement.

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